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The Hard Youth

Hi, my name is Federico, I’m 19 and despite my age I’m here to tell the world what it means to be young today. Looking around, I noticed more and more how this was a topic that was never seriously discussed, indeed almost avoided. Precisely for this reason in my blog I’m going to explain and deepen what we go through, from the positive and negative aspects, from the changes to the decisions. However there is more; in fact I’m also going to talk about modern society and the controversial topics which derive from it. In the end I firmly believe that the truth must be revealed.

Blog Posts

The blog posts are completely focused on:

  • Young generations
  • The problems of modern society
  • Controversial topics

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Q&A, where I answer all of your questions about the latest topic or a topic that you would like me to discuss in the next articles. Also private consulting is a part of the blog program if somebody needs help. Contact me on my Gmail address:


About me

I am an extroverted, stubborn, and resolute guy who attentively observes. What ? Well, what is going on in the world in order to report what he sees. Unfortunately what I see leaves me a bit confused. PS: The truth always shines brightly, but the lies always get darker.


Welcome guys.

I’m a young boy that recently has been noticing that things are changing drastically for teenagers. This is something that needs to be understood and I’m here to make you wonder why and analyze the dramatic situation in modern society. I’m a blogger based in Italy, but dreams to reach the rest of the world

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Young people

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Today’s Problems

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the hard youth

Follow the journey because the truth can’t be hidden forever

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