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About me: my story

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Most of you guys don’t know me and it’s possible that some of you will never know me, but it’s fine because fame isn’t my purpose. My purpose is way deeper than that and is to tell the truth. We live in a society where everybody is so scared to tell the truth that lies have become the new reality and I’m so sick and tired to lie; lie to myself and lie to others, because society almost forces you.

For 18 years I wasted my time doing nothing, or better being a loser, but in november 2022, when I turned 19 everything changed. But before my birthday I went through the worst/best period of my life. I didn’t really know who I was, why I got up every mornig, why I went to school everyday , why distraction was my only desire, why I was always tired and why everything was so unclear.

I spent 4 months on my bed thinking about a solution, but nothing. Until I woke up one day and asked myself “Do you really want to continue being miserable or you wanna do something about it?” The question was very direct….to the point where the only possible answer was “I wanna get up and find a real object”.

From that moment I started building brick by brick the new version of myself, I started observing more, I started developing my mental and physical health, I started having genuine goals. However this slow progression (which keeps going) was followed by one of the biggest realization ever, which is TODAY NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. What I mean by this ? Well…don’t rush cause you will discover what I mean article after article. But do me a favour, just stay tuned and be preprared to a series of earthquakes.

But for the moment enjoy my story


MY STORY: The beginning 

Since I was 7 I’ve always had a sort of attraction towards writing. I would say we were more than just friends, but none of us made it clear to the other. My life was pretty normal but writing was a big refuge for me at that age.

Sometimes I couldn’t even resist the desire to do it to the point where…teachers at school were forced to retire my scribbles every single time. I went from putting down some random thoughts in a diary to creating love letters in middle school. 

Yeah, I know we’re no more in 1960, but who has never written one or received one in his own life. However today I still laugh at the contents of those letters and the truth is that they made me grow. You know why ? Because what I wrote allowed me to start overcoming one of my biggest problems: shyness.

MY STORY: The first struggles

Although I was making small progress through writing, something unexpected that would have disoriented me was about to arrive: puberty. Once it showed up it struck me from behind, without even giving me the time to turn around and dodge. When I turned 13 every aspect of my life changed.

I genuinely believe for most guys that 13 can be identified more unless as “the beginning of the age of problems”. Nobody enjoys that phase, but it’s inevitable.  Rebellion, stubbornness, immaturity, irresponsibility, indifference and many more are usually traits of teenagers.These factors combined with other adversities, made me turn away from writing year after year. 

And as a direct consequence I started losing the ability to put down on paper proper ideas. I was getting slower at thinking and slower at writing.To keep it short it seemed like a part of me wasn’t there anymore and by overthinking it became more and more complicated to express my thoughts concisely.

MY STORY: The bottom of the ocean 

This phase wasn’t helping me, because I was making more steps backward than steps forward. And do you know what is so frustrating about adolescence ? The fact that close people saw that you acted differently, you talked differently, you looked different and they tried to give you some advice, constructive criticism, but nothing.

You were too knucklehead to understand it. The ego inside of you didn’t let you realize that they’re words came from one thing only: concern. And you confused their critiques with personal attacks.

In those moments writing could have saved me from making other mistakes, bigger mistakes, but instead I kept going down the cliff.You hurt, you lie, you hide and you slowly become a stranger. Well, there is where you know you reached the bottom of the sea.

MY STORY: The turning point

The only positive aspect of the bottom is that from there you can’t go any deeper right ? But you have 2 options:

  • stay there 
  • get on the top

Most of you guys might be accustomed to the happy endings or the great returns and for this reason I’m going to stop you right here.My life isn’t to the point where I can proudly say that I have won all my battles, that I climbed all the mountains because it would be ridiculous. I’m only 19, almost 20. I still have a long life to live and a story to write, but I want to tell you the truth.

I stayed at the bottom of the ocean for more than a while. The shift didn’t happen in 24h, but over the course of months and thanks to those I had the opportunity to really think of a plan to go back up. 

The end of High School followed by the beginning of a new experience made me wonder about my future in general and more precisely WHO I WANTED TO BE. 

Once I found the answer I started searching HOW and found that I decided to put another goaltoday I’m taking action to actually become the person I desire. Writing is just an intermediary.

Now I know what you are thinking. WHY create a blog ? WHY sharing your personal experience on the internet in this way? It’s simple. I’m definitely certain that the difficulties I faced were common in adolescence, but if there is a part of responsibility for us teens and our actions, there should also be a part of responsibility for adults and modern society.

My object is to reveal everything about young people, today’s world, modern culture and expose the truth. I want to tell teenagers how the system doesn’t help us, but instantly blames us whenever there is a problem or we disappoint expectations. 

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